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Embedded Images 1.3 Release Notes

Embedded Images 1.3 Release Notes Improved Improvement to cron scheduling to prevent duplicates Embedded images upload path dynamic PHP CURL alternative to file_get_contents() for copying images Check if ‘wpMailPlugin’ class exists before initializing Fixed Spaces in remote filenames with file_get_contents

Newsletter 4.4.2 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4.2 release notes. Added Sent & Draft Emails section filters Autoresponders section filters Improved Localize jQuery UI datepicker CSS class ‘newsletters-tracking’ on tracking image tag New CSS3 loading indicators Change dashicons icon class from “icon-” to something else Allow regular POST/GET on the API instead of just JSON To run, reschedule and unschedule […]

Newsletters: Total MS Control Release Notes 1.2

Newsletters: Total MS Control 1.2 release notes Fixed Parent plugin_path stuck instead of extension_path property Global serial key issue, not working Improved Help tooltip CSS improvements Network only plugin with “Network Activate” Display on individual sites when using global serial key

Newsletter 4.4.1 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4.1 release notes. Added Redirect URL per mailing list Auto import certain WordPress user roles to certain mailing lists Improved More table indexes and index checking on “Check/optimize database tables” action Apache mod_security warning under Newsletters > Themes if enabled Help tooltip design improvements Prevent MySQL lock wait timeout exceeded Remove console.log() calls […]

Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.1 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter Plugin: Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.1 release notes. Added Add “Settings” link in Plugins section Let the user choose mailing list(s) Improved Drop downs for the current form fields to map Fixed Capture only one subscriber with 2 email fields and 2 checkboxes