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Newsletter: Save a Theme

Overview this section allows you to create and style your own themes. Alternatively, if you have any HTML theme you can upload the theme into your themes library for use with your newsletters or you can create a new theme with the visual editor. This is a full HTML theme and should contain at least […]

Newsletter: Manage Themes

Newsletters > Themes > Manage Themes click to enlarge 1. Add a New Theme Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Theme’ where you can create a new Theme for your newsletters. New Themes added will show up on this ‘Manage Themes’ screen after they are added. 2. Bulk Actions These bulk actions […]

Newsletters: v3.8.3 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletters plugin v3.8.3 release notes. ADDED Latest posts subscription which sends out recent posts at your specified interval. Several settings are available such as number of posts, post categories, excluded posts, mailing list(s) to send to and the theme to use. Multi-part emails with HTML and plain text MIME types to let the client […]

Newsletters: Themes

The WordPress Newsletter plugin comes with premade themes that you can select when sending out Newsletters. 10 premade themes are included (as indicated in the image above) New themes can be easily added by uploading an HTML file or pasting HTML code. Existing themes can be easily changed by re-uploading a new HTML file or editing the […]