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Checkout: Filter – checkout_extensions_list

Description The checkout_extensions_list filter let’s you filter the list of extension plugins for several purposes such as listing under Checkout > Extensions for example. Usage The filter can be used like this: Arguments $extensions – The current list of extensions registered. Example

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Newsletters – Google Analytics

WordPress Newsletter plugin : Google Analytics It adds Google Analytics tracking code for you if you don’t already have it added to your site and it also allows you to track custom sources and campaigns in Google Analytics for all links inside your newsletters. Installation Activation Plugin Settings Usage Installation 1. Make […]

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Checkout – Suncorp

Suncorp Extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin This extension plugin gives you the ability to sell online and accept payments using Suncorp. The Suncorp Payment Client is the interface that provides a secure method of communication between your online store and the Payment Server, which facilitates the processing of payments. Installation Activation Configuration […]

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Checkout: iPay88 Release Notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: iPay 88 extension plugin release notes.

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Checkout – Virtual Card Services

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin : Virtual Card Services extension Using this extension plugin with the Shopping Card plugin you can apply the South African Virtual Card Services payment method to your website. 1. Install 2. Activate 3. VCS Setup 4. Plugin Settings 5. Try It Out Installation 1. Make sure […]

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