WordPress.com Stats

Plugin Name: WordPress.com Stats
Plugin Version: 1.8.5
Plugins Affected: Possibly all plugins
Summary: Steals post content on save_post hook.

The Problem

The WordPress.com Stats plugin steals the posted post content on the save_post hook when the post is published or updated. It could be outdated and incompatible with the latest WordPress.

The Solution

The WordPress.com Stats plugin has been replaced by the Jetpack plugin. Install, connect and configure the Jetpack plugin for stats in your WordPress.


The WordPress WP-reCAPTCHA plugin is a known, problematic plugin.

Plugin Name: WP-reCAPTCHA.
Plugins Affected: WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.
Summary: Replaces all emails in content with an anti-spam link.

The Problem

The WP-reCAPTCHA plugin replaces all emails inside the content of posts/pages with an anti-spam link to reveal the email address with a verification process.

As a result, it breaks certain parts of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin such as payment forms, account pages, etc.

The Solution

You can turn off MailHide for posts and pages in the WP-reCAPTCHA settings by unticking/unchecking the “Posts and Pages” checkbox as shown below.

Conflict: jQuery Lazy Image Load WP

The jQuery Lazy Image Load WP plugin calls to an undefined function lazyload, see this: http://screencast.com/t/Ncm45ZkEFc . Possibly because of incorrect queuing or the dollar sign ($) being used as a jQuery object.

We’ll keep on working on a solution for this to help our customers better!