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Banners Config: Ads Order

Banners > Configuration > Ads Order click to enlarge 1. Zone Ads Order Your Ads that you have placed into zones can run either randomly or in order. This is where you can choose this option. Check ‘Random’ if you wish your ads to run in no particular order. Check ‘In Order’ if you wish […]

Inside Newsletters

With the WordPress Banner Ads plugin and the WordPress Mailing List plugin used in conjunction, you can easily embed banner ads directly into your newsletters which are sent through to your subscribers.

Banners: Hardcoded

You can hardcode banner ads directly into your WordPress theme files using the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin. Before you hardcode banner ads into your theme, you’ll need to initialize the wpBanners object like shown below. Initialize the wpBanners object With the wpBanners object initialized and available to your use, you may start hardcoding banner ads. […]

WordPress Banner Rotator v2.3.7

WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin v2.3.7 Release Notes

Sidebar Widgets

The banner rotator plugin comes packed with very powerful and yet unlimited sidebar widgets. Go to the “Design” > “Widgets” section in your WordPress dashboard where you’ll notice a widget named “Banners”. You can add multiple widgets to your sidebar(s) and click the “Edit” link to the right of the added widget to configure its […]