Newsletter Config: Paid Subscriptions

Newsletter > Configuration > General > Paid Subscriptions

1. Paid Subscriptions

This is set to “No” by default.

The paid subscription feature allows you to create paid mailing lists which are charged a specific price per specified interval. In other words, your subscribers on that list have to pay to continue receiving the newsletter.

When you create a mailing list in the ‘Mailing Lists’ section, you have the ability of choosing whether or not the list is a paid list. When you set the list as a paid list, you have to specify a price (currency changeable in ‘Configuration’) and an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) on which the subscribers will be charged the specified price.

2. Currency

This is the currency of you wish to charge in. This by default is set to $ (USD). If you sell using a different currency then use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate currency. All amounts on both the front- and back-end will be presented with the specified currency symbol.

3. Admin Notification On Order

This is set to “Yes” by default and a notification will be sent to the administration email address when an order is placed.

4. Payment method

At present there are two payment options. PayPal and 2Checkout. PayPal is selected by default.

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